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photo_2017-03-20_15-32-11.jpgCooperativa Ananda Assisi was born in 1992 in Gualdo Tadino with the production and direct sale of accessories for yoga and meditation. In 1993 the brand Inner Life was founded and the company began to expand its production and distribution channels in herbal and alternative power.

Cooperativa Ananda Assisi is also a direct importer from India, Pakistan, China, Germany, England, Austria and Switzerland and distributes in the Italian and European territory through a widespread sales network covering the whole country.

It is producer and has exclusive concession of a range of over 1,200 articles among which, yoga accessories such as rugs and cushions for meditation, Himalayan Salt, organic supplements, essential oils, raw food, incense, Shungite and much more.

Ananda Assisi is part of an international network of centers and community founded in 1968 by Nayaswami Kriyananda (1926-2013 J. Donald Walters), a direct disciple of the Indian mystic Paramahansa Yogananda (1883-1952), to promote the teachings of Kriya Yoga and community life built with high ideals applied to a simple life.


From the Industrial Revolution onwards Cooperativa Ananda Assisi has prevailed in all over the world a period of wild speculation and development in all sectors where economic growth and the gain at all costs were the main focus.

Today, after two world wars, after having polluted the entire planet, and we realized that we had embarked on the road that was leading us ever more distant from ourselves, we are rediscovering a true Renaissance.

This wave of renewal promotes a more direct contact with nature, creating better relationships and more durable based on affinity, the slowdown in the frantic race towards the gain for prosperity and shared wealth and measured using parameters different from those used so far the man of success is no longer the one who is rich and powerful, but he who has found his place in harmony with the universe.

In our vision of the human journey is to go more and more towards the creation of a new culture of awareness in line with the principles of ethics, sustainable development, spiritual research, nutrition and natural cures to find our true center immutable within us.

Our mission is to always select high quality products that represent this new consciousness that places the human being and not his material possessions in the middle of the evolutionary process. This mission drives us to forge partnerships with companies in line with our principles, as in a modern laboratory also bring forward a new vision of business based on cooperation and sharing where the needs of the individual are heard and the center of everything is always the 'human being rather than the gain at all costs.